Consorzio Turistico Sa Perda 'e Iddocca

The trails itinerariddocca

A offer of innovative and unique active tourism in the Mediterranean context.
Six trails in the unspoilt nature of Central Sardinia, crossing all the countries of
Consorzio Turistico Sa Perda 'e Iddocca.

ITID01 The Clay Circuit Trail

The Clay Circuit Trail’s main feature is the route passage through an area rich in ​​kaolin quarries, passed by and skirted at different points of the trail (the quarry of Funtanamela near the village of Laconi, the quarry of Pitzu Rubiu near the village of Nurallao, and the one near the hamlet of Crastu)...

  • Duration: 6 Hours
  • Difficulty: Medium

ITID02 The Giara Circuit Trail

The Giara Circuit Trail is a fairly easy hike on mostly tarmac roads presenting no particular technical difficulties, allowing to cross on foot, by bike, or by horse riding one of the most unique environment in the whole Mediterranean: the Giara plateau.

  • Duration: 6 Hours
  • Difficulty: Medium

ITID03 Itinerary Evolution Circuit

The itinerary Evolution Circuit: the main theme of this 53 km long trail, which has a total elevation of more than 1700 m, is the idea of going back in time to an ancient past.

  • Duration: 6 Hours
  • Difficulty: Medium/High

ITID04 Itinerary The River Circuit Trail

Out of all the six Itineraries, the River Circuit Trail is the longest and most strenuous: a good 63.5 km with an ascent of approx. 2300 m. The route is marked by the configuration of the landscape, rugged and craggy, though of outstanding scenic beauty...

  • Duration: 7 Ore
  • Difficulty: Hard

ITID05 Itinerary The Mountain Circuit Trail

The Mountain Circuit Trail is a wonderful itinerary that crosses the countryside surrounding the villages of Laconi and Meana Sardo passing through Nolza, a beautiful Nuragic site that offers stunning views of the Giara plateau and Mandrolisai county, and of the site of Genna Corte, famous for the megalithic remains of Sardinia’s Pre-Nuragic period and Nuragic age.

  • Duration: 4 hours
  • Difficulty: Medium/High

ITID06 Itinerary The Forest Trail

Out of all the six Itineraries, the Forest Trail is the shortest (26.1 Km only), but the one with the highest elevation (with an average height of approx. 750 m a.s.l.). The trail crosses dense forests in almost its entire route, whilst not being physically strenuous.

  • Duration: 3 Hours
  • Difficulty: Medium-Easy

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wonderful landscapes surrounded by unspoilt nature of Central Sardinia

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Consorzio Turistico Sa Perda 'e Iddocca

The territory of Sa Perda 'e Iddocca Touristic Association encompasses varied and exciting landscapes. As well as featuring unusual geological and plant formations, it is rich in archaeological and ethnographic heritage.

Its northern border is marked by the volcanic trachyte plateaux of the Barigadu region and the mountainous granite expanses near the Mandrolisai area. The Palaeozoic massif of Monte Grighine dominates its western frontier, whereas in the South, near the Giara plateau, stand the sediments of the so-called ‘Miocene formations of the Marmilla’. Finally, along its eastern boundary rise the Mesozoic limestone walls of the Sarcidano region and the spurs of the Gennargentu mountain range.

The Giara plateau, home to Sardinia’s famous wild horses; the oak forests of Villanovatulo, Nurallao and Laconi, abundant in endemic plants; the habitats of the mid-Flumendosa Lake near Villanovatulo; the rolling hills of the upper Marmilla region around Barumini; the rocky walls of Asuni and Ruinas: these are just a handful of examples to illustrate the great variety of natural scenery for visitors to enjoy.

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