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Itinerary The River Circuit Trail – ITID04

Out of all the six Itineraries, the River Circuit Trail is the longest and most strenuous: a good 63.5 km with an ascent of approx. 2300 m.  The route is marked by the configuration of the landscape, rugged and craggy, though of outstanding scenic beauty.  This Itinerary requires hiking fitness and a fairly good level of technical ability.

The route crosses the Araxisi stream and the Imbessu river, with a continuing series of ups and downs that from the village of Asuni – starting point of the trail – lead to the river canyon, where the rocky spur of the mysterious Castel Medusa can be admired.

The trail continues into the woods, and then into the municipal district of Ruinas near the S.P. 38 district road. The village of Ruinas is within reach after a steep but short climb.

From here the route takes the direction towards Mount Grighine, in a steady ascent up to its peak, in the territory of Allai.  Dominated by the peaks of the mountain, a primaeval massif of the Paleozoic era crossed by bone-white quartz veins, the landscape is evocative and has an eye-catching magnetic appeal.  On the slope facing the village of Samugheo the terrain becomes arduous with impressive rocky cliffs overhanging the river. The land offers itself to the admiring eye, and is generous towards those who, moved by the thirst for discovery and knowledge, answer the call of the wild.

Here starts the descent towards the village of Allai, with breathtaking views on the whole region of Oristano.  The village has an impressively neat and well looked-after old town centre, where the CIMA Museum, located in an old traditional house in Parrocchia Street, is open to visitors.  The museum preserves archaeological finds unearthed in the municipal district area.

Leaving the village behind, the trail continues onto an old road that used to lead to the country church of Santa Susanna near Busachi, steadily going uphill to the Samugheo riding track, in the open fields of Su Piroi.  The village of Samugheo is a few kilometres ahead, and from there through the surrounding countryside starts the descent towards the Araxisi stream and the village of Asuni, passing under Castel Medusa, an important statement of medieval edifice for military protection.

A stop in Samugheo to visit the MURATS Museum (Regional Museum of Sardinian Textile Arts) is an absolute must to learn about the textile crafts in Sardinia.

Altimetria ITID04 Anello del FIume
Difficulty level:
Scenic Beauty:
Itinerary Duration: 8 Hours
Total distance: : 63,500 Km
Max: 664 m a.s.l.
Min: 49 m a.s.l.
Max slope %
Max ascent: 20,4%
Max descent: -18,5%
Average slope
Ascent: 6,0%
Descent: -5,6%
Total ascent: 2308 m
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