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Itinerary The Mountain Circuit Trail – ITID05

The Mountain Circuit Trail is a wonderful itinerary that crosses the countryside surrounding the villages of Laconi and Meana Sardo passing through Nolza, a beautiful Nuragic site that offers stunning views of the Giara plateau and Mandrolisai county, and of the site of Genna Corte, famous for the megalithic remains of Sardinia’s Pre-Nuragic period and Nuragic age.

From the village of Laconi, passing through the forest of Funtanamela, which offers plenty of opportunities of sighting Sardinian deers and Sarcidano horses, the trail heads towards the hamlet of Santa Sofia and the abandoned rural complex of Su Dominariu.

From here, the route flanks the S.P. 52 district road for a few kilometres and then crosses the S.S. 128 trunk road.  Passing by an abandoned quarry it continues through fields and vineyards to reach the massive bulk of Nuraghe Nolza, which at approx. 730 m a.s.l. dominates the valleys below.  The Nuraghe is open all year round and is a must-see for those who are interested in the archaeology of Sardinia.

Passing through the village of Meana Sardo, in an uphill stretch the trail leaves the residential area and the route takes a westward direction towards the site of Genna Corte, crossing the surrounding countryside in a succession of ascents and descents.  Once in Genna Corte, in a final uphill stretch the route takes back to Laconi to end the circuit trail.

Difficulty level:
Scenic Beauty:
Itinerary Duration: 6 Hours
Total distance: : 51,300 Km
Max: 861 m a.s.l.
Min: 287 m a.s.l.
Max slope %
Max ascent: 19,3%
Max descent: -27,0%
Average slope
Ascent: 4,9%
Descent: -5,9%
Total ascent: 1606 m
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